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They say that marriages are made in heaven. You must have heard so many dialogues in our Indian movies with ultimately the same gist. “Every individual is made for someone in particular; it is up to us to find that person”. Sounds cheesy? But actually quite real and something that we at Vjodi strongly believe in!

Here at Vjodi, we aim at finding that someone special for you with whom you would want to spend a lifetime and more. Vjodi offer authentic and trusted profiles for families who are looking for Indian grooms or brides. The team of Vjodi is committed and we exist to make sure that you find your Mr. Right or Ms. Right.

Every detail matters

Love is what makes the world go around, and finding your true love and getting married is everyone’s dream. However, our fast-paced life has brought about new challenges in seeking the right partner for marriage. Constraints of time and space along with globalization and other factors have made it difficult for many to find the right life partner.

Safety & Privacy

We at Vjodi bring to you a very secure platform and we are dedicated to the security and safety of our customers. We believe in the protection of your privacy and confidentiality. Here we have given some safety tips which you might want to follow -

  • It is always recommended that you do not give out your username and password to anyone. You need to protect your profile lest it falls into wrong hands.
  • While you are on the search for your soul mate, please be cautious. Take your time and get to know someone properly before you take any major step.